Who are you?
We are a small group of workers, uniting in an association, near Paris. This association has been founded in 1985 and this duration enabled us to train ourselves. That's why we are creating this website. We claim only to try to tune to the direction of spiritual will, that current which is supporting the evolution.
Other people are working in the same direction; we may have heard of them or not.

What are you doing?
We are promoting the Will Spirit which implements the purpose of our existence and the one Life of our planet. Because of that, we are meditating and orienting our lives in that direction.

We are supporting the distribution and use of the Banner of Peace, designed by Nicholas Roerich, and this action puts us in relationship - how far as it may be - with the centre of Peace and bright Light- called Shambhala by the tradition- and which can be accessed in our core.

As many other groups, we are meeting for meditation, that is, for sending by thought light and love to the world.

Your sources ?
Theosophy, Alice A. Bailey, Agni yoga are our immediate references.
Ancient philosophy (Heraclitos, Socrates, Plato, Epictetes, Marc-Aurel ...) has helped us much, as well as indian philosophy (from Advaita Vedanta to Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi).
Mahatma Morya is inspiring us as a great Being - in so far as we are receptive to Him.

All these approaches can be checked through experiment, that's what we did and you can also check their relevance and accurateness.

What to do?
A word of the heart and a deed of beauty"says the Call (Leaves of Morya's Garden volume 1).
Good starts around us, there is no need to meet.
Let us find a way of action which is right for us and let us act. The way will open in front of us.

The book PEACE MEANS ACTION suggests several means of action and points out fields for service.
As says the book The Call, “Act, show how you are resourceful"

Texts and symbols presented here are offered to all.
By ethics -and in order to trace ideas - everyone is asked to mention one's sources.

To meet you:
Group consciousness is shared consciousness. It is on the basis of our converging efforts that we may meet, through striving and thought. You can also write to us through the link Contact. After mail exchange, a meeting can be useful.

Date of last update:
April 2021

What was new in one year: Symbols/Radiant emblem, Human/Being human with the sky, Human/Thinking and its gradations