The human is very close of the animal, it fuses the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms.


The mineral part in man is represented by its bones, by the skeleton.
The mineral part gives the inscription in duration, inertia, firmness or hardness.
At a subtle level, the mineral is illustrated as the jewel, the point of life, firmer in intention than all its creations.


The vegetable part in man is represented by its bronchia and its alveoles, the breath and all the vegetative system.
The vegetal part gives softness, blossoming, growth, sensitivity, fragility.
The vegetal part is illustrated by the roots, consciousness, and its blossoming, tenderness and happiness.


The animal part in man is represented by its muscles, its members (legs), physiology.
The animal part gives mobility, litheness, search for food, for partners.
The animal part is shown in the defense of one's place in a group, the reach of a goal (prey), play.

Animals in collectivity

Fight for power, setting of territory, search for approval of others ...
these phenomenas are not strictly human, they can be seen in animals who are living in bands.