Centres Of Awakening

Emitting polarity Centres in the head Centres in the chest Planetary correspondance


Tradition is talking for a long time about energetic centres or chakras. Alice A. Bailey mentions a positive point in the centre of the solar plexus and suggests to stimulate it from the crown centre.
Discipleship in th New Age Vol 2 page 115 &120

Martin Muller has developed a complete study of the positive or emitting polarity, balancing the negative, receptive or energetic polarity. This last polarity is rising up as the kundalini whereas the emitting polarity is going downward. This positive polarity is focused in centres of awakening.
An impression is produced when the stimulus meets a support which is sensitive to it; also when the body becomes refined, it becomes more receptive to more abstract levels (of thought for example or life).
This diagram (derived from the transistor) is illustrating this phenomenon

One can see that, within the form, the currents are located in 2 slightly different points, a fact that Martin Muller has demonstrated through experiment; everyone is invited to confirm or invalidate this experiment.

Emitting polarity

The emitting polarity is going along the human being as he takes a body on earth. The book "Prelude to the new man" - see on Amazon website - is describing with great care the steps and fundamentals of a training.

Here is merely an abridged exercise

- Relax unto the bones (the mineral in ourselves)
Begin by the feet, the bassin, the spine, the arms, the skull. Bring the point of attention to the summit of the skull. (The mineral avoids any resonance with an affective sensitivity).

- Visualize a void space, free of any object.
Radiate at the utmost, then suddenly radiate one hundred times stronger.
Then emerges the sensation of being "at last oneself".
This state is called "galactic being".

- Turn yourself facing the planet.
One becomes sun, radiating freely, supported by galactic Being.
This state is called "solar being"

- Stand up upon the planet.
Visualize a great crystal 2 to 5 meters high.
Transparent verticality, Adult.
This state is called "planetary being".

- Integrate behind planetary being, solar being and galactic being.
Transfer quickly from one to another - one is concretizing, the other is supporting in the background.
Then appears a downward current at the summmit of the head.

The exercise is made quickly, the attention is alive, alert, emitting, the impression rises up. There is no question to plunge, to absorb oneself, "to enter" in a state, which would promote a negative, receptive polarity. The stream of attention is emitting, positive.

Centres in the head

Then in the emitting polarity appear 3 centres of awakening in the head.

- The basic current of essential being is focused at the summit of the head.

- Receptivity to that current is taking place within an inner space, which is concretizing in the brain-pan. The focal point of this receptivity - of the impression which is shaping itself in the inner space - is located in the centre of the forehead.
This centre of awakening is thus located one inch higher than the ajna centre (energetic, negative polarity).

- The implementation of the current starts form a point at the back of the skull, as if one was looking from there, throughout the brain-pan, outward forward.
This centre is located at the vertical limit at the back of the head, slightly above the alta-major centre. This centre of awakening gives a safe criterium
1. If the resonance is going up toward the top of the head, the polarization is too positive, the subjective position is too abstract to produce a conscious perception; the supraconscious remains preponderant.
2. If the resonance is going down toward the nape of the neck, the polarization is too negative, the consciousness is going in the body, for example in drowsiness, in day-dreaming or absorbed in thought.
The reader will like to assess these facts by oneself.

Stay during the exercise in emitting polarity, right in balance, effortless. Our civilization, as noticed Martin Muller, is training us to stay in a negative polarization, which makes easy the attachment to objects. Therefore, it is an arduous and lengthy task to stay in an emitting polarity.

Centres in the chest

The ribcage is composed of ribs and a bony plate in the front, the sternum.

- The emitting current of attention starts forward, as a laser beam, from a point in the centre of the sternum, at the centre of the chest. It is that current which orients the attention. The energetic centre of the heart (receptive polarity) appears slightly beneath, envelopping as a corolla, with a warm texture. The emitting current is cold, direct, almost icy.
The resonance with the downward current at the summit of the head is easily perceived and implemented.

- The receptivity to the overall perception, to the outer world as the inner world, is guided by an attention, a listening which is focused at the bottom of the sternum.
Try to grasp the experiencing in observing the focus at the back of the head. If that focus goes down, one is too much in the object or in the feeling. Stay in emitting position.
One may put a finger in the hollow at the basis of the sternum.
This centre of awakening to feeling, to the overall perception, is located one inch above the solar plexus, it is devoid of affect, only an alive attention is passing through.

- The implementation of perception, its formulation or wording starts from the top of the sternum, the small hollow beneath the throat.
The receptive, negative polarity of creativeness is neatly located in the throat, it is warm, energy there is sustained. Whereas the emitting centre stimulating the attention in order to formulate is cold.
Check always polarity through resonance with the back of the head.

Note : Alice A. Bailey locates the positive point of force in the very centre of the chakra, that is behind the spine. The centres of awakening which are described here are perceived at the surface of the bones. An energetic impact on a centre may endanger the evolution and the health of the student; the centres of awakening give a safe guide in order to "awaken" the faculties of awareness.

Planetary correspondance

"To align on the source of planetary life" stimulates immediately the crown centre and the awakening centre at the summit of the head, they are so intermingled.

"To participate to the planetary heart" stimulates both polarities emitting and receptive. The even rays are resounding more easily with the receptive polarity as they are working through internalisation.
Yet if one wants to participate to the effort of the planetary heart, to that which it sustains, to its tension, the emitting polarity becomes primordial. In harmonizing with the emitting polarity at the summit of the head - source of life - one will help - quite partially - to vitalize the heart.

"To affirm evolution in letting everyone free to create and to express" stimulates the emitting centre of the throat, on top of the sternum. It does matter to "stimulate simultaneously the abstraction to the centre", this underlines the emitting polarity, helps the human beings to find themselves and avoid them to loose themselves in turmoil or in their works.

The intermediate centre between the heart and the throat, between the directive impulse and the wording is the shaping of perception; this shaping is focused at the bottom of the sternum and corresponds to the shaping of the world vision. One perceives then the significance of the meditation given in Discipleship .
The group of world servers is uniting the high and the low, the spiritual expectations and the material needs, the ressources at all levels.

In this meditation, it is important to direct the attention fom the crown centre to the positive centre at the bottom of the sternum, the attention = a direct and stimulating current, and not a warm energy which would load the receptive negative polarity of the solar plexus. The goal is to develop the faculty of sensing, the environment, oneself, relationships and inner and outer contacts.


Spirit is the source of creation, the goal is not to loose oneself in the object, in the impression or in an image which is shaping itself. Spirit enables existence of the subject and of the object, of both.

There remains much to be discovered, to be united, to be unfolded.