Group consciousness

Group consciouness assumes a shared identity. "I am in relationship with others, and essentially, we are together" or to say it otherwise "I am one with my group brothers".
It is the common work which matters, and everyone gives its contribution according to one's abilities, while everyone unfolds one's creativeness for the good of the whole.

For example, in theater a play assumes the creativeness of several jobs, a project team is gathering too various talents.

Group consciouness, in this sense, is opposed to personal consciouness which wants to achieve its own goal and to set itself alone.


Thus a group assumes diversity, the creativenes of everyone - and this makes it really human -, but also a common goal or a common direction of efforts. This common direction is the first aspect.

A group lays upon agreed relations, upon an opening. These relations are making the second aspect of the group.

The production of the whole team is making the third aspect.

A group of individuals where everyone's creativeness does not apply itself is making a gathering but its consciousness is often regressing. For example, a dancing room, a match or a spectacle audience...
Collectives images will then weigh upon and debase personality according to Jung who is adding in the Dialectics of the I and of the unconscious, "the more monumental is an organization, the more its immorality and blind stupidity are unavoidable." A severe judgment! Yet is it untrue?

Group values

The members of a group have often different values. This is all the more true if several jobs are at work, as these jobs promote specific values. It is the most usual case in a local group or a service group.
These differences of values prompt to deepen love and understanding toward the other members of the group .

An egoic group is made by souls (Selves) of the same ray, therefore the primordial value is the same for each unit of that group . This homogeneity increases coherency - illustrated by a laser beam - and promotes the expression of a united will. For this will does not stream forth from the collective creation but from the very source of consciousness.