We are human beings, who are we?

Beyond conditionning (through DNA, family, education, culture), the human being is creative. To be really human means leading one’s life, creating a part of one’s surrounding, and bringing a creative response to sollicitations, therefore to be responsive to them and responsible.

The word Human can be seen as coming from
- HUM (in Aum Mani Padme Hum) or HUMus = the soil
- MANas (mind ).This last etymology is accurate.

The human being is described by a five-pointed star, showing three levels
- the summit, the head, the Heaven, the purpose
- the horizontal extension, the arms, relationship, radiation, present
- the feet, the Earth, duality, past and future

5 pointed star

The human being links the heaven and the Earth, the One and duality, the past and the future. His mind allows him to understand the past, to create a present form and to foresee the future.

Human being creates, unites, and transcends.

Others features
The word expresses and articulates thought, it is easing the exchange and the social link.

Laughter is an attribute of man, laughter is an evidence of spirit which encompasses and goes beyond the present situation ; man is more than the existing.

Fire shows to man that thought is shining, love is warming, life is destroying for it is consuming elements with time.

The cult of the dead points out the memory in thought yet it shows also that human being is more than the body. Some perceptions are possible, some worlds are available by other means than the five senses.

Goodness is linked with a deeply human being (“to evidence humanness“). The meaning of things goes beyond their temporary appearance, understanding is deepening experience.

Meditation: Supporting the human part
Contacting the soul, the ashram (subjective home), the planetary presence

Life (Spirit, Will-to-Good) supports the renewal of consciousness
Then the sense of values and priorities in the human being

Love of life supports the opening of consciousness
Which brings out the joy of living, benevolence for others

Life supports the perception of causes,
Creativeness, the quest for meaning and constructive alternatives

Life supports the One consciousness, which supports the human contribution to the world
Visualize the grounding of these qualities in humanity
And in the organizations it has created

Note : The pattern here goes from Life (represented by the Sign of Peace) or vibration of Spirit to the Source of consciousness (symbolised by the three dots red, blue green in the blue luminous circle) then unto the personality of humanity.

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