Law of evolution

The law of evolution is mentioned several times by Alice A. Bailey, though no explicit place is given to it.

The law of evolution describes the evolutionary push which brings about the fusion of the Stones.
The stone must pass the test under all its facets … in order the whole is obtained: the work is done
"And lo, the Stones were one" (A Treatise on cosmic fire page 17).

Its place amidst the 4 laws

It is a law of return, whereas the three laws of synthesis, attraction and least action are constitutive or guide the descent in incarnation of our Logos.
This law of evolution is thus similar to "The ray of the physical body esoterically ascends upward towards juncture, whereas the others all move down, to quote an ancient writing " Esoteric Healing, page 590

These 4 laws are drawing a square:

4 lois

This law of evolution, depending on the law of solar evolution (A Treatise on cosmic Fire page 1054), is the fusion of the laws 2 et 3 : law of attraction and law of least action.
Similarly, the fourth plane of buddhi is considered as the fusion of the planes 2 et 3 (Rays and initiations page 359). “This 4th or buddhic is a fusion of 2 and 3, of love and intelligence and produces understanding and intuitive perception.“

Movement of the law of evolution

The law of evolution has a cyclic spiraling movement; in this way, it is behaving as the law of attraction. This cyclic spiraling movement is illustrated in folkloric danses, praised in Findhorn, and by the saying "Three steps forward, two steps backward, ..."

In psychology, Jung told about it in Psychic energetics :

"regression activates an unconscious state of fact, it confronts consciousness with the problem of the soul" and he concludes "regression is not necessarily a set-back in the sense of a retrograd movement or decay".

"One could compare progression to a brook running from the mountain to the valley. Stagnation corresponds to a specific hindrance in the flow of the current, to a dam for example ... Because of the accumulation, the water is obliged to follow another way ... This transformation would give an image of a new progression produced by accumulation and regression."

Evolution brings about an expansion of consciousness; indeed, the law of expansion is a subsidiary law of the law of attraction (A Treatise on cosmic Fire, page 1040) exactly as the law of solar evolution is a subsidiary law of this same law of attraction.

Usefulness of knowing this law


"Little has yet has been given about the relation of the four physical ethers and the four cosmic ethers; there is nevertheless a direct relation between them, and this the initiatory process reveals. This also brings about significant changes in the vehicles of humanity. There is also a direct relation between the four aspects of karma (the Law of Cause and Effect) and the four physical ethers, as well as the four cosmic ethers; this relationship will later constitute the basis of a new occult science."
Telepathy and the etheric vehicle, page 168