symbols taken from the Secret Doctrine (the proem).

White disk on a dull black ground

Disque blanc fond obscur
Will to open a space or black ground
Will to make exist the white disk
Then, communion of the white disk = Light

Point at the centre of the disk

Point au centre du disque
The Will makes irruption, Emergence of the centre : the source
It relates perception (the white) and its underlying ground (black)
Then, the inflow which is founding being can be perceived

Point at the centre of the circle

Cercle point au centre
First Logos : the Unknown
[a Logos is a Principle or aspect of the Whole]
The centre of existence is emerging
The focal point is so intense that it appears
Implicit communion centre-periphery

Horizontal diameter in the circle

Cercle diamètre horizon
Second Logos : Space, divine Mother
Vibration of the Substance-Principle = Life
The circle represents the existence
Spirit-Matter still undifferentiated

Vertical diameter in the circle

Cercle ligne verticale
Third Logos :Ideation, the Breath, Father
It is differentiating in Purpose above,
exploration- instinct underneath
(does not appear as such in the secret Doctrine)

Cross within the circle

Cercle avec croix
Creative wisdom :
the third Logos comes into play in the work of the second Logos
Breath is playing on the vibrating Substance

Triangle of the three Logoi

The 3 Logoi seen in another way
Fohat is the link at the basis between Ideation and Substance,
moving force of ideas and movement of substance

Life is differentiating

Both origins Mother and Father appear,
the Magnet is uniting them.
The law of attraction rules the Self,
the law of economy - of least action- rules the not-self



extension, spacewithout the circle of existence

Wha tis the meaning of that cercle ?

Verticality, rightness
From purpose and freewil to exploration or instinct at the bottom
Hazard (down) opposed to necessity


Essence, the elementary deed (or its impression)

The undetermined