Planetary groups preparing an initiation

Various planetary groups are going forward to various initiations,
which are gates to a more intense light .

1. Humanity, as a whole, is preparing the first initiation.
It is already aware of its unity; it is recognizing knowledge management and it is the petal of knowledge on the mental plane which is stimulated at this first initiation.
It must learn to evolve with nature, and not upon it or against it.
The final test will be the distribution of riches (3rd aspect), yet initiation denotes a summit in consciousness, a subjective realisation, and not the end of the battle (Rays and initiations, page 570).

2. The humanitarians and people of goodwill are preparing the second initiation.
They wish the common Good and individually are often letting others pass before themselves. They must transfer their consciousness on the mental plane and transform their desire of good in a clear and determined will. Thus they'll get a steadfast consecration to the mental vision they perceive.
Nowadays the humanitarian NGO and the aspirants are parts of that group and they may be abused in their desire to help. They are developing the will to be useful and this realism makes them go forward.

3. The world servers have an illumined mind and they are putting the world Good before their own affairs. They are influencing more or less the human mind.
Many spiritual groups are building the bridge to the spiritual Triad, thanks to the books of Alice Ann Bailey; they can be clearly seen on the Internet wheras in Asia, these groups are less visible .
They are preparing the 3rd initiation and developing the will to sacrifice themselves.
Here the test is to consider their clear mental vision as a mere form within the Presence, and it is that Presence, Being or Space which does matter.

4. A few spiritual groups are preparing the 4th initiation, they already align to the source of planetary life and are using the incoming flow. They have still to perfect the will to sacrifice oneself, to give up everything and to toil in truth.
They are becoming less visible, for they are working more and more with the forces of the Real and with Life, and less with visible expressions, such as texts or images (websites).
Their striving is moving from the illumined mind to pure reason .

Between the 1920's unto the 1940', the Hierarchy - word meaning the Power of the Sacred - the planetary heart centre, moved from the mental plane in order to focus itself in pure reason. In florid style, the society of illumined minds has become the union of the revealers of truth. One may conclude that this centre has passed through the 4th initiation in that period.

5. A few individuals subjectively linked are preparing the 5th initiation. They may seem isolated, seen from the outer world, but they are working on the subjective side, with forces which are making the inner structure of life.

The following diagram shows the groups as they are achieving their goals


6. Some animals, specially those trained by man, are preparing their individualisation. One may think to the dogs guiding the blinds and to many other examples. Here the need of educative games is being felt in order to help them to pass through the stage of the mirror (recognizing oneself) and to go beyond.

7. The planetary Logos is proceeding to its 3rd cosmic initiation, in aligning itself to a star in the Great Bear.
A triangle, Maitreya - the Manu - Morya, has taken the 7th initiation and is res-surrecting life in the heart of men and devas. This triangle of Flames is transmitting the touch of cosmic initiation, which is called the Avatar of synthesis.
With the key of Maitreya, one may expect that the planetary heart demonstrates mastery of the earthly existence and passes the 5th initiation, promoted by the will streaming in from the cosmic centre. The young nepalese meditant, who has not eaten nor drunk during months, is a forerunner sign of that mastery.

The 3 dots within the circle - this sign of the triad, said Nicholas Roerich - is pointing out not only the triadic levels of spatial mind, pure reason pure and spiritual will. This symbol is pointing out also the lives of the 3rd creative hierarchy, vibrating between Adi and the triadic levels. These lives are immortal, ever" seeing the Face of the Ruler of the Deep" (Esoteric astrology page 41), their immortality is ensuring victory.
Joy, Force and Plenitude of Being, "a new way of salvation" is announcing the rule 12 in Rays and Initiations pages 233-4.

Thus the planetary groups are moving forward together toward more electric fire, more solar fire, distributing a more abundant life and a broadened consciousness. For the world is asserting itself in opening to other evolutions.