dot in the circle

Life is pulsation in a space
Vibrant unit
That which affirms life emerges as a dot in the centre
when this will is intense enough


Under a certain angle, pulsation goes from the Self to the Non-self; under a superficial angle, it goes from the periphery to the centre and back.
The vibrating space might be a thread, a disc, a sphere. The super-string theory talks about membranes.


Tension is closeness to the Source, intention or stimulating factor of the pulsation.

This tension is like the one of an electric current.

Circle, pulsation, dot do not exist without the will to assert them : i.e. the will to impact the substance

Emergence of the dot

The dot emerges in the circle of consciousness when the Self-Spirit makes impression at the first initiation, consicousness broadens then to an intelligence larger than the unit of behaviour.

The dot emerges in the light of the Self-Awakening at the fifith initiation, Beings is offering Itself, limiting Itself and sacrificing then for helping Existence.

In another way, a point of intense life emerges in the consciousness at the third initiation, it is the point of contact or access to the current of life.

Pure reason

True is inner attunement with the pulsation, attunement of deeds with the living Self.

Perception in the pulsation is direct knowledge ; look and distance do not play any more, on does not go any more from here to there.

Good assumes a purpose, attunement with the transverse flow – will- which asserts the pulsation as well as the pulse of all units.

From the fixed cross
Beings of the fixed cross observe the world from the centre of their consciousness, they are not any more – or seldom- out of themselves, by desire or circumstances. They have found their centre and, from there, approach the meaning of their life.

The vertical line extends to the heaven, Space of the possible, Abstraction, Purpose, Finality, the Head. This line depens unto the ground, the feet, the bones, the rachidian liquid (far deeper than the intestines and the affectife complexes).

The horizontal line welcomes objects and beings (fruits, tissues, ideas, conditionnings, generations) and goes outward to others (via products and services, words, radiation).

The circle of consciousness (and of influence) is inscribed on the four dimensions, and the effort aims to broaden consciousness in the four directgions. A progress in a direction stimulates a progress in the others, this requires striving, (developing the will) lucidity and it unfolds love.

Approching life
The disciple notices the life-cycle of the objects and it inscribes himself in the presence. Its perception of being broadens and is being again centered following the rhythm of his thought and his meditation.

This regular centering – at the summit of the head – brings him (her) to the pulsation and makes him discover the tension–to-be ; that which makes him or her exist.

Identity is discontinuous, it needs several seconds in order to find again one’s personal sphere of world conception, as it needs much effort to maintain it. Perception rises up much quicker, before that this sphere of thought- contents is recomposed.

Another access consist in opening one’s heart; more acute than the radiant warmoth, rises a laser beam in the centre of the breast. The movement back and forth –between the vast reception- emission and the intense centre enables an approach to life.

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