To live by means of the Light

Realized beings or Masters of wisdom are living by means of the Light. Which Light? The living light, the light of the One in all: it palpitates, resounds and blazes forth.
That’s what says the book Rays and initiations [R5:651]. The text goes on in saying “certain words which are concerned with the method whereby the vision is accorded and revelation given:

Let us try to grasp what are these aspects. What follows is merely an essay.

3) The will to go forward

This will starts from the determination to reach something, to the personal will to evolve, to transform oneself, then to help to transform the world.
It is manas, the mind monitoring the activities and getting gradually enlightened.
This will pushes forward on the path, then on all paths - the paths of all -, it is the will of the Plan of evolution;
the spiritual will supports the approach, develops the effort and grounds Spirit in some directions.

As a whole, the strength of the heart pushes forward.

2) The will to open

This will begins with listening. “Listening is the seed of obedience” [R5:291].
Listening to the inner voice, after having heard the speech of others.
Listening to the note of beings, listening to the directing Sound, listening to the Breath of the Logos.
This listening transmutes in attention for others, welcoming, understanding thanks to self-forgetfulness;
then it becomes interiorisation, penetration, retraction in the inner space where, in truth, reason speaks.
At that point, the inclusive immense space communes: it blazes forth, living Light.

As a whole, retraction receives space.

1) The will-to-be

Willing to make real the intention, the idea. This will makes arise and brings forth to existence
- not me but with others the whole.
It starts then from the background, darkness, the void, in order to make spurt out being.
To be born from nothingness – in French, naitre = n-être -. This assumes to know – in French co – naitre – “That which is and is not” [Secret Doctrine, stanza I, 6]: the Absolute in and out of manifestation.
Thus with the Logos, the Breath, the Precursor, to assert. To assert the Whole, for the part and the form are not yet.
Jet of attention, jet of the tension-to-be, play of the jet or
with atman: the I of the play of the jet, or the play of the jet of the I. “I am That I am”.
In other words, with the Logos it means to set forth the space of earthly experiment.

As a whole, the spur emerges and propels.

“Listening not to myself but to the Logos, it is wise to recognize that all is one”
Let’s go !