Pouring out life

Humanity is concerned more and more with life and it shapes this life unwillingly. The question is to handle this focus. The task is to orient the outpouring of life (essentially spiritual life whence everything flows) in a methodic and detached way. Required conditions are here and easy to implement.


Humanity has been eliminating parasites for a long time. Louis Pasteur enabled us to eradicate numbers of microbes or bacteria. The excessive use of antibiotics to fatten calves, of pesticides to increase yield – toxic for those who handle them – is very common. Humanity tries to put an end to life, sometimes in wars, in genocides or in an industrial way. At the same time, humanity promotes life in case of cataclysms when mutual aid is obvious; it also stimulates research in music, software, genetics, and renewable energies.
For several years, thinkers have put life in the center of their studies, thus Pato?ka (a Czech philosopher who died at the end of the soviet period) or Renaud Barbaras (currently in Paris 1 university) are pondering about life. Francis Bailly and Guiseppe Longo are looking for the universal laws of life. Thus life has been emerging in the human thought.
Alice Bailey wrote that live would be more abundant with the arrival of a new Teaching, and we can begin to approach this outpouring.

1/ To see life at work

The first step to appreciate life is probably to observe how much things around us are living. Everything seems to follow a rhythm: bio rhythms have been put in evidence in human beings and also in mammals; vegetables and atoms are vibrating; there seems to exist a great law of periodicity – as formulated by Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine – including even the big Bang: some physicists assume now that the initial explosion of the cosmos is in fact a reiteration of a former phenomenon, which had collapsed before rising again.
At a more daily level, we may notice that objects have a limited lifetime, many objects are now made to be thrown away within a few years; a building is built for only 30 or 50 years. Recycling or renewal are part of our existence, we do not build any more for eternity as pyramids were. We do not live any more for eternity for only once. Projects are iterative, following short cycles of several weeks, months or years; hence some may think that human life follows also iterative cycles, with periods of various jobs or partners, there might also be cycles of incarnation unto perfection.

Life is manifested through cycles, but also through a multiplicity of intricate relations, which shows that the world changes every day.

Reading in a cup of coffee
Take for example your morning cup of coffee. How many people did it take to make it happen? Producers, those who picked it, transported it, roasted it, packed it, then brought to the sales point; add those who took your order, filled it, plus those who managed the business, we get to over 200 people involved and reach 2,000 people. When we take into account the support, health services, dentists, educators, police, those who built the ships, trucks, radio and internet, the fuel for transportation, machines, we get more easily 200,000 people involved. That’s what we can read in our morning cup of coffee.

2/ Life in oneself

“Energy follows thought“, since school, many of us have been trained to exert their attention on a topic to promote its creation. This “at-tension” means a tension-to-be turned toward the world. “To be” might be considered as a link between the Origin of the instrument and its field of action: the tension describes the proximity of the Origin to the manifestation.


In a second step, at-tension comes as the play of the instrument in the field of experimentation. In that field appear various directions and the attention will focus in one of these. In order to distribute life, one has to perceive this direction and the magnitude of the situation. In the process of creation, we have to distinguish the elements of the context, means and goals, then  - by a return to oneself – intelligence takes again things and presents them in a new light. The necessary step is thus a pulsation between self and the world, as shown by some philosophers such as Merleau-Ponty [Phenomenology of perception]. Alice Bailey [Esoteric astrology:560] wrote about the Fixed Cross: a circle symbolizing the area of preoccupation of the disciple and the four arms for the cross, extending up, down, left and right. What is required is thus to mount consciously on the fixed cross and to take in charge a world vision.
This pulsation between self and the world proceeds through a return to oneself, not as a delimited sphere where the individual would set aside and oppose to the world – in one rotation - but as a link to the center which expands and contracts; the Self is the Same: renewing in the core, it is not a content.

How can one get along in this pulsation? In two steps.

1/ First, acknowledge the movement in spirals. This was the work of Husserl, Merleau-Ponty and others to put in evidence perception: how the hanging-on attention welcomes the world before objects are defined and recognized. Identity is then a spiraling opening: it opens up then takes back to oneself an interiority, then it unfolds again. ...

“I am relating to the world“, opening thus opening to the other: I recognize myself in these units who open in the same vibration and with the same values. Thus the group is being born, from this essential opening. ...

2/ Secondly, recognize myself within the group, one essentially with my likes, I can turn toward the center. The simplest way is to visualize a black dot in the center of a white disc. This dark dot appears in the center of the illumined consciousness (as points out Alice A. Bailey in DINA2:52). The Secret Doctrine [Vol. 1, page 1] mentions this symbol yet never represents it.


From that dot rises up a current that comes down vertically and imposes itself, one may call it the downward current of incarnation or more technically a triadic current.
Martin Muller [Prelude to the new man] suggests the following exercise:

Free space, free of any object. Radiate at the most,
then radiate one hundred times stronger.
Galactic space comes down as solar space, in front of the planet.
(a current rises forth in the middle of the breast).
Solar space expresses as planetary space, a great vertical crystal.
Take your place in that great clear crystal.
Pre-sense the solar radiance and in the background the galactic breath.

Welcome the Earth and its existence.

Intellectually, some authors [Guy Deniau] have mentioned that any perception inscribes itself on a primeval support, which one may call presence; this background conditions any relation. On this vibrating and pulsating background truth is perceived, and it is in this pulsation that one may distribute life.

3/ Work with collective units

Consciousness enables us to contact objects in our surroundings; the current that flows through consciousness is impersonal, general, abstract; this current relates to different types of situation, thought frames, values and collective units. This frame might be selfishness, greed, truth, humanness; and it is humanness that we’d like to strengthen here.

The leaves of Morya’s Garden vol. 2 §153 reports the words of Christ:

Verily, by human feet. Verily, by human hands.” ...

4 directions have seen their traditional meaning attacked and submerged, if not destroyed. This attrition enables the appearance of a new meaning, far from the outmoded forms.

  1. The meaning of life is not any more admitted as given, revealed by religions. The mind has questioned very soon these answers, yet it has also veiled the question.
  2. The relationship to the other is currently underlined by the wave of communication or social networks. Many young adults are living through their blogs, their SMS. “I am living for I am sharing with others“. This transitory excess sends back to solitude and to the innermost: who am I really? This excess could be called the childish disease of Aquarius, a sign of communication.
  3. Creative activity is humanity's essential feature – although sometimes scarcely visible ; it feeds the play of an ever new appearance, yet it is life cycling in rotation, in a turmoil which sweeps us away. This creation is also our pride and makes a day worth living. If there were merely repetition and processes we would become automats. It is this gift of oneself which makes us work, as noticed the sociologist Norbert Alter. Often economy is restricted to production, yet products are superfluous if they remain unused, hence the importance to spot them in their uses, as for the above cup of coffee.
  4. Collective direction. Media are entertaining us by attracting our attention to details. The book “Six billions of others“ [Yann Arthus-Bertrand] reminds us how much human beings are similar in their expectations. This consciousness (2nd aspect) clashes against the weight of economy (3rd aspect), the 1st aspect (organs and political decisions) is the last to appear. Hence the delay we can see, yet the Arab springs of 2011 reminds us that this political aspect is still living and we can – we too – make live these 4 directions in stimulating them, in pouring out a spiritual current.

Which are the conditions for taking part in the pouring out of life?

  1. The first condition may be called an open and creative thinking. This means to see things in a broad way, to accept other ways than those we know and to use thinking with all our intelligence, hence to see things with a new eye.
  2. The second condition is to love the world, not in an abstract way, but to love each part as it is essentially rather than according to what it appears. Even weeds are useful, we do not live in an ideal world but in this world where we are, where we discern magnetic lines of force. Love makes one magnetic.
  3. Perseverance is the third condition. All continents – specially Europe - are scarred by centuries of wars, famines, epidemics. The so-called Old Europe teaches us that things happen progressively by maturation, and not by an impulsive decree, which would hide an erroneous desire. To pour out life requires a mature purpose, which has been questioned and corrected at length.
  4. The fourth condition is the courage to go to the center of one’s being. This center is desert, void, and looks austere. A poem by Nicholas Roerich describes this apparent void: passers-by believe that the treasure room (in the breast) is empty, but its Guardian answers: “For you it is empty.“ Here is felt the current runing through the black dot in the center of the illumined consciousness; in fact it founds the basic unity: the acknowledgment of the inner Self, this opening to the world, that is consciousness.

Poem by Nicholas ROERICH (in Flowers of Morya)

             THE GUARD

“Guard, tell me why
 Thou dost close this door? What
 Do you constantly dos thou guard? “

I guard
 The secret of this chamber.“

“But empty is the
 Chamber. Worthy people
 Have declared: ‘There is nothing’ “

“The secret of the chamber I know.
 To guard it, I am appointed.”

“But empty is thy chamber!“

“For thee, it is empty!“ answered the guard.


Life is pouring out from our star, through the Earth scheme. Since times immemorial, the sun has been symbolized as a dot in the center of a circle; this may mark the summit of our inspiration, Self - Spirit, at the basis of any manifestation. From that center pulsates life, which passes through the circle of pure consciousness, which is love; it incarnates within the inner square, and this inner square in the smaller circle sustains the greater square of the creative center, it is the human center as a whole; all around is depicted the greater circle of planetary existence. These symbols draw a diagram looking like the Seal of Shambhala, printed on the cover of theAndrew Tomas's book [Shambhala, oasis of light]. This place of majestic Peace, the living Center which underlies all existence on our planet, the Summit of the will-to-be is awaiting us, is inviting us, we can approach and take part.

Carrés cercles

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