The symbols can be perceived in the reverse sense of the Genesis.

Meditation : third Logos

The circle points out to the field of consciousness
and the vertical line to alignment.

Meditating is creating, it is creating the link with the higher purpose


Symbolized by the superposition of vertebra,
the spheres turn around a common axis,
that enables the inflow to go down and to ground


The transition from personality to the soul is transfering from the concrete - behaviour - earth
to radiation - consciousness -sun

To go beyond the horizon

From the self - soul to Being, one discovers a dark space which is found in the centre : a black hole.
The lights are many, any new light looks dark at first, out of reach of experience.
Beyond the radiant light, the way goes to the source of the One, living Intensity.

Transfer to Being

The transition from Consciousness to Being is described in several stages by Alice A. Bailey

1/ Intention

Theoretical understanding that there does exist something else, beyond the conscious horizon
and will to look after in this way

2/ Visualization

Shaping of abstract perceptions, they are translated in words, notes or symbols.
The view perceives the part within the Whole-space.
This means coming nearer to “the Eye within the triangle“.

3/ Projection

Act of will promoted by an inner decision (following a Word or order known inwardly).
It is “at once to enter in a void space, free of all objects“ according the words of Martin Muller.
The trigger is located in the centre of the sternum, if one may locate it.

4/ Invocation - evocation

Call to Life, reception and progressive resounding

5/ Stabilization

The conscious support -etheric vehicle and consciousness - is able to register and keep the impression, then to express it. The source becomes a field where one may act.

6/ Resurrection

Definitive transfer to the higher dimension, the focus of consciousness has been transfered, the support is expressing the perception which is shaped at the source.

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