Sites with an English version and several languages:

Association Agni YogaThe Call in haphazard way

Poems of N. Roerich, a lecture on them
English, French, German, Portuguese

Museum Roerich in New York

Online collection of Roerich
English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish

Lucis Trust (Arcane school & World Goodwill) English, Spanish, French
Institute for Planetary Synthesis (IPS) English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Heart-Energy Approach to the Heart English, Spanish, French, Russian

Strictly English-speaking websites:

Agni Yoga Society All English books can be downloaded
School for Esoteric Studies Some unpublished AAB talks
School for the study of the seven Rays Special Books
Martin Muller, Prelude to the new man Book available on the net
Source Group Opens to many others websites
Pathways To Peace Active by the United Nations
Findhorn Community

Famous village with a virtual tour,
the page about experience week in many languages 

Esoteric Center Cohenhaguen Danish, English

Websites in other languages:

Center for Peace Education Brazil
Groupe ... pour le langage de l'Etre French
Equilibration énergétique French

and many others.