The tenth group links the life aspect and the creative aspect.
He follows ten rules

Fundamental LAW: LIFE FLOWS

Rule n°1: Life stimulates substance. Work as a Living one. Resurrect.
Rule n°2: One the work, One the spirit–substance, One you too.
Rule n°3: Impression applies in reason for existence. Know it.
Rule n°4: Hear the cry, then give.
Rule n°5: The motive fixed, attract those who can help you. Send the call.
Rule n°6: Impersonally, co–ordinate.
Rule n°7: Base yourself upon matter. Found.
Rule n°8: Protect the form outlined. When it is ready, offer it to the world.
Rule n°9: In front of obstacles, know them. Pull upon the thread. Free.
Rule n°10: Remember the crown. It is the goal.


Rule n°1 : You are saturated with life. You can therefore work at its heart. Its resonance fills your field of action.
Rule n°2 : In Oneness, isolated from phenomena, rejoin others, the Whole. The One Flame sparkles in all effort.
Rule n°3 : Transmit the necessary impression to the heart of what you are nourishing. Only necessity lets it fix itself to this aim.
These three rules concern the current which expresses life. The three following rules (4,5,6) concern the attraction of substance and listening to the world.
Rule n°4 : The confused cry of the crowd, of unexpressed desires, anxiety, hope of liberation. Give, the creative reply will come from your unselfish labour.
Rule n°5 : The motive has been perceived, then clarified, checked. Its direction is right, so emit the note of the work to be done.
Rule n°6 : This co–ordination requires you to stand straight, free, assured.
Rule n°7 : Power comes from the depths.
Rule n°8 : Work in the silence of your heart; communicate within. Then the sketch outlined, communicate outside.
Rule n°9 : You will know where these difficulties are useful, if they bind you. If you have seen them from all around, they are no longer of use to you, can they be of use to others? If you react to difficulties, the thread in question is the thread of consciousness by which you will be uplifted; so pull on the thread and free yourself. If you do not react, then it is the thread nourishing this outdated form; so pull the thread, free.
The idea of nationhood is old but can still serve as a guide for social consciousness.
The idea of a tribe is outdated, it lies outside yourself, and you can
observe it.
Rule n°10: The crown total accomplishment, or the divine manifested. You are the one who is, you create.
These last four rules concern creative work which you accomplish when basing yourself on matter.