Creation for evolution is made in groups, which means that each one accomplishes the task that he is perceiving, yet every such worker does not work alone ,as he (she) shares his (her) consciousness,his (her) inner progress and the result of his (her) work with his (her) likes. Group consciousness is shared consciousness; forms, results, ways may vary, yet subjectively, the work is one.
Thus, subjective groups are not organizations - there is no leader, no headquarters, no ego. Groups are one at the subjective core and manifold in their expression, ie on personality level.
Selfless activity subdivides according to the three aspects, according to soul ray (or dominant group’s ray), according to the plane of expression: mental, emotional or etheric.

Thus the first ray ashram may see service in three poles :
- power, in objective expression -> policy, political organizers, work with etheric with centres of radiation
- inner receptivity -> teaching, ethics, structure of the human being
- will -> distribution of the energy of will

According to the second Ray line, (DK), groups of service subdivide in 10 groups, corresponding to ten modes of relation or attitudes. Each group obeys to 10 laws and follows 10 rules (see DINA 1:35-42).

Laws and rules of magnetic healers have been given in Esoteric Healing (Rays volume 4) by Alice A. Bailey. Roberto Assagioli has enunciated 10 laws for the group of psychologists in The Act of Will.

Daily, everyone of us applies oneself to accomplish the activities of his group of service. Each of us thinks, observes, radiates, learns, decides, gives a meaning, studies, clarifies the mechanisms, shares and coordinates. As the altruistic activity grows, our participation to these groups develops and deepens. Most of the time, we become competent, then an expert in a single domain at first. It is only at a fairly advanced stage, that the field of action - or group - to which we belong is recognized; it is then important to join it, not only in the exterior action, but also subjectively, with all the learning offered, and to participate in full consciousness to this field of relations or subjective group.

For each one of these activities, the transpersonal will, then the spiritual will are solicited.