9 jets of attention : radiant emblem


Attention is our main tool: we act, we react, we live consciously thanks to it. We direct it, yet sometimes it orients itself toward a fascinating object. ...

This jet or stream of attention, going from the subject to the object, is pouring out in 3 modes and on 3 levels. These 9 directions of attention are issued from 9 potentials that are activated, available or latent. ...

3 modes

These 3 modes are distinguished in the inscription in the world, from subject to object, in the course from the Self to the Not-self.

The first mode is the rising up of being, that is assertion and simultaneously negation: this means to be this and not to be that. Subjectively this mode appears as will, and simultaneously as abnegation. The jet is restricted in order to intensify, to strengthen and to assert. This mode corresponds to the pole of renewal, symbolised by the red dot.
The second mode is infusion, widening, opening. If the first mode was transversal, inscribing itself in the world, this second mode extends in space, welcoming with sensitivity that which presents itself. This mode corresponds to the shaping, integration or recovery to oneself, symbolised by the blue dot.
The third mode is expression, externalisation, manifest action. That which aroused, has internalized, leads to an expression, goes outward and ends to appear. This mode is thus the external edge of attention in the world. It corresponds to the pole of discernment symbolized by the green dot.

3 levels

The 3 modes arouse 3 levels of consciousness, that we discover or acknowledge from the coarser to the finer: 1) sensation of matter, 2) feeling affecting globally the unit, 3) thought grasping the general behind the appearance.

Sensation is localized, it takes place in the receptive side of action: what to do? Action is noted, if not measured, according to objective criteria. To do is thus the external edge of attention....
Feeling is global in the body and affects the unit its totality. Attention turns to what is felt, the relation to others. This levels concerns relations with people, with situations or organisations, it is the relational field; it is also the field of desire or attraction to an object, whether there is acting out or not. ...
Thought is the third level; it leaves the figurative for the abstract, the circumstances for the general, the apparent effect for the underlying logic. Here plays the inscription in the world: “What do I do here?” Thus one has to take a step back for asking this question to oneself; it is far for being usual, it means to consider one’s role while noticing that con-sidera means at the light of the stars. ...
9 jets d’attention partant de la source
Emblème radiant

symbolizes the relation to one Self, pivot of any relation, with the body, with others, with the world; the white background represents the illumined field of consciousness, the 3 dots represent the 3 poles correspond to the 3 modes: discernment, intelligence, creativeness for the green pole, welcoming, love, opening for the blue pole, renewal, abnegation, will for the red pole. The rays on the ring symbolize these 9 jets of attention, they are located depending on the poles and the white rays (meaning blue) are making a contrast on the background of the blue ring. Each jet is represented by 5 lines, 5 being the number of the Thinker, the pure consciousness. ...

Pouring out the conscious light

The radiation comes from a more positive, energetic source and pours out toward a denser level; consciousness makes the link –love between both, it does not loose itself at the level where it pours out. The energy working from the source remains the point of departure: “I will outward move. I, the one who serves, will work”. These 3 levels can be described as activity, relation, conception.

The discharge is made from above - the mind - downward, apparently easier. Each time, visualize the human activity and the human beings implementing this energy (their petal or potential is enfolding).
Meditation outline

Enter in the illumined field of consciousness
Sense a current of force: pure Light at the background
The solar fire arouses the will to sacrifice everything for the world
The solar fire stimulates the will to work for the common Good
The solar fire stimulates the fact to consider oneself as an instrument contributing to the world
The solar light strengthens the renunciation to desire
The solar light supports the inner light of the other, behind the appearance
The solar light feeds the energy of relation
The solar heat (inner energy) makes others pass before oneself
The solar heat (conscious) helps to accept there exists other points of view
The solar heat helps to use one’s competencies for others
The light pouring out form the source supports all the human activity, selfless, free, beneficent.

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