The forces who determine evolution
Describing "THE HIDDEN SOURCE OF THE OUTER TURMOIL" Alice Bailey evokes five streams of energy which can be represented in this manner

The heart gives the orientation of the attention and these are the values who lay the foundations of the choices.
The will is the stream of life and it gives the breath; therefore it inspires
The throat utters the sound, who is creative, hence it is the carrier of the thoughts.
The solar plexus registers all the affects, and that sensitivity allows a first sorting out of the impressions.
The sacral centre focalizes the coordination of two polarities, of two beings and coordinates the purpose and the activity of a process.

This signifies that the evolution does not proceeds only through the right side, or enlightened side, (the "right" side), but also through a deepening of the matter and of the sensation (the dark side on the left). The push from the centre (the planetary life) is carried out on the whole of the square; thus is promoted the evolution. The disciples move towards the light but also throw light on the dark side.

The attitude of the workers may then be symbolized in this manner:

sides of the square

The ethical rules are the discipline which the disciple applies to himself; humanity also sets rules of propriety : hygiene, politeness…
The creation is shared, because any production involves multiple trades, as the access to a web site requires many providers and many programs.
The program of service is dictated by the heart, and uttered by the throat; this is a conscious action and voluntary action, whereas the ethical rules follow from the regular functioning, at first instinctual.
The inner contact is the subjective perception, going from the felt to the values.

The role of humanity:
The sides of the square joined at the centre form the symbol of the fourth ray: Harmony.
It is humanity's role to create the right relation between life and form, to go through dissonance or conflict, to accept different tendencies, to deepen the logics and to attain harmony.

square solving conflict

To resolve a conflict, the key is to recognize that each position descends from a consciousness that may evolve. Once the position of both partners has been clarified with their logics, it is useful to bring out the common elements, from the material level (material resources) as well as the subjective level (values, objectives and interests). The negotiating space is then more restricted, being comprehended in an ensemble of common recognitions.

Sustain the angles of the square:
These angles can be sustained by different ways
- The heart : visualise a white bird at the centre of the chest; this is the swan or Hamsa of the Hindu tradition.
Or send love on a group of persons or on a situation.
(Unlike the solar plexus, the heart relates always to a group or to a type of beings).
- The throat : to question oneself upon the source of the attention, upon its identity.
- The solar plexus: to identify oneself to the other, by putting oneself into his skin.
- The sacral centre: visualise the social exchanges as a collective dance, stimulate the coordination.

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