Training toward the Source of consciousness

An experimental approach

This training aims to perceive Spirit in ourselves.
Exercises and lines of pondering are offered for practice.
The symbol below shows the three aspects which the 3 booklets develop, in the circle of the Self

1st booklet: Contemplating

The matter is to turn our attention to the outer world, to observe how an object is impressing our consciousness, and the qualities it is arousing in us.

The training is guided by


Contact is made with the source of consciousness and its qualitative nuances.

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2nd booklet: Wisdom

The attention turns now to the inner world, the world which we are conceiving.


are guiding the exercises.

We are integrating the source of consciousnes in our life and we radiate to the world in promoting evolution.

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3rd booklet: Will

These exercises are focused on the renewal of consciousness, on the tension of the conscious flow. Practice is based here on the assimilations made in the previous booklet and it is guided by


The inner activity intensifies.

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Note on the whole:

The booklets are successive, practice deepens. Our body has not be built in 3 days, it is wise to train ourselves progressively; everyone chooses in each booklet the exercises which fit to him.