Tension of awakening opens the way to spiritual will, hence to will-to-good.

Attention (at-tension) orients then sustains the tension-to-be to the world, Presence. This is made in sthree steps :
The first step is to find one’s deep identity, one’s true Self, pure consciousness.

The second step consists in assimilating this pure consciousness, radiating with love and to change accordingly one’s behaviour day by day.

The third step consists in focusing one’s effort in one definite activity. Everything is interesting and useful, yet this interest is still related to desire, to curiosity - desire to learn – or to spiritual desire. Epictetes distinguished between things which depend on us and things which do not. In desire, we give our assent to be guided by outward things which do not depend on us. Desire is centripetal while will is centrifugal and starts at the the core of ourselves. Will is focussed on one’s purpose. Selfless will requires to dedicate oneself to a task, hence to limit oneself in order to achieve it. This limitation develops and focusses the available energy, it is sacrifice ; it means to make sacred this participation to the one Work.
In that definite direction, will obliterates all forms, it points to the Whole, on a basis of selflessness. Inspiration and resources streams forth in that intense effort. From the overcoming of concepts and thoughts-forms arises the perception of the Whole as Presence.

Then tension of awakening sustains the Presence, the presence of one’s whole being to the world and to the task to be done.

Martin Muller has described currents of this tension of awakening, currents analogous in Chinese terminology to the Yi – intention - complementing the Chi – energy -. Will or spirit can be focussed on any current in order to increase this special tension-to-be.

In other words, will can be strong, skillful and benevolent [Assagioli]. Will or sacrifice do accept limitation in order to focus on the work to do. This vision of the work has been gained through the access to the pure radiating and selfless consciousness. Then presence becomes using one’s person in order to contribute to the world ; with a growing maturity –according to the words of Martin Muller – being uses the currents of awakening in order to serve the world ceaselessly.

The development of this faculty is got through maintaining the consciousness at the top of the head (Alice A. Bailey) and in practicing Beauty continuously [Leaves of Moray’s Garden vol 1].

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