To express our deepest convictions strengthens our intention, affirms evolution, inscribes spirit in ourselves and broadens our consciousness.
We are taking part in evolution, this is an undeniable fact, we can intensify our participation in implying our entire being. The following formula can help us:

From the point of Emergence within the Mind of Space
Light streams forth into the minds of all,
Light infuses the world.

From the point of Oneness within the Heart of Space
Love streams forth into the hearts of all,
Love regenerates the world.

From the point of Tension within the Fire of Space
Will inspires the efforts of all,
Will affirms the world.

From all centres of the Circle of the One Life
Radiation of Love and Light intensifies,
All manifest the world's Beauty.

Light, Love and Will transfigure the world Now.
* * *
Three points into a circle, the eternal structure of Being.
* * *
Words are only an approximation, the essence is spirit … whom we acknowledge.
This formula is to be studied , assimilated, modified by every one of us, until we are able to express our own convictions, in words appropriate for us at that time.
This formula itself benefited from the Great Invocation given through Alice A. Bailey in 1945 and from the change suggested in 1981 by the International Foundation of Integral Psychology.
No more wishes, just the assertion of facts. Facts that we may recognize around us:

Light is an echo from the big Bang, and the principle which has presided over the big Bang is still fully working now.
Love streams forth from the perception of Oneness which includes all. "Love makes everything possible".
Fire is the living substance, the unceasing transformation, the radiance of
consciousness; glistening of stars, flame of spirit, diamond fire. In the whole, the living intensity is acting, tension of the thread which links us to the Absolute. This will asserts being in its fullness.
The One life is precisely this "circle of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference nowhere". Let us open our eyes, we perceive the colour touch, the note brought by every being, and beauty appears. Then, such as a galaxy in which all cells sparkle, the world is transfigured. This process is happening and unfolding now on earth.
Presence, for the world is in front of us (from the latin Prae–esse) and present for it is a gift for us, for Him. And this Presence is Now. Thus we join "the one which pervaded the universe with a fragment of Himself and yet remains".

No formula is the Truth
Life supersedes infinitely any form.