Each aspect of the one Self can be approached through a definition

Intelligence ability to discriminate, hence to understand
Love ability to relate, hence to unite

ability to focus
this assumes abnegation and abstraction to a greater whole.

The Secret Doctrine begins in describing a white disk on a dull background, then it mentions the point at the centre. Here is the symbol

This symbol represents the first cosmic Logos, the precursor of the "manifested", it is called also the Impersonnel, the unmanifested.
'This is the first Cause, the “Unconscious“ of European Pantheist' explains the Secret Doctrine.

Its representation, as a dot in the centre of a cercle on a white background, assumes that the Iight has extended or, in another point of view, that one takes place amidst the ocean of Existence.

Here, the presence of a dark background points out the inflow which is founding the manifestation.
This inflow is that which goes through, that which is coming, rising up, Shiva as call it the Upanishads,
the immutable Subject which does not lay as an object.

Abstracting pump

One can use this symbol in a dynamic way

  1. Consider the Self, the world or the field of perception
  2. Pass to the centre, to the source of attention
  3. Perceive the inflow, underlying in the centre
  4. Affirm the Self, principle

Affirmation implies the contact with the substance, which is Light ; here comes into play the second cosmic Logos.

This exercise can be traced following the breath, the interlude after the out-breathing is the moment when the basic stimulus is rising up, the interlude after the in-breathing enables the affirmation.


It helps to take part in a subjective group or to an inner ashram. Why is it told about an ashram? For what matters is not any more a subjective relationship or conscious radiation, what matters is the common stimulus.

"Raise up through abstraction and gift.
Focus then, Splendor.
Welcome the other creators, go from their creation to the author, acknowledge the effort. Support that effort, greet the author in its heart, in its will. These wills are answering one to another, are magnetizing one another, the inflow is passing through then, the Self is glowing; thus the ashram is strengthening the will. Peace."

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The Secret Doctrine of Helena Blavatsky, Adyar, tome 1, page LXXVII (page 77)