When the will express itself through love, it creates magnetism and supports the radiation.

Personal will:
The will obliterates the forms, that’s why it is so often not appreciated by others ; at a personal level, this omission brings about insensitivity and cruelty, the ego is then crushing or authoritarian. Yet the will may be the motive force of action, as it can maintain firmly the orientation and be sensitive to others through love and sensitive to ideas and circumstances through creative intelligence.

Will of the soul:
The pure radiating consciousness develops three faculties:
- faculty to handle energy, this is knowledge producing the solar heat (Treatise on Cosmic Fire, CF :1171).
- faculty to include, to include others in the Self, that is love-wisdom producing solar light – the light streams forth from the exchange between two hearts.
- faculty to let the Whole go first, it is abnegation or will of the soul, producing solar fire.
This will of the soul appears amidst the social world as transpersonal will (the will passing through the person).

Its usefulness nowadays
This will of the soul is the decisive energy in the world nowadays, both for supporting world service in all its branches for the peoples to demonstrate abnegation by sharing their culture (cult of Light), by sharing their destiny (health, ecology, climate), by sharing their riches. Nations are still pursuing their self-interests, but the population,the peoples have demonstrated their respect of right, their respect of others, their will to live in peace – though yet an embryo. That will expresses itself as in :
- the will to think
- the will to love
- the will to be useful
Those are simple and practical words to which the established interests oppose themselves

Spiritual will:
The will of the soul underlies the radiance and looks fiery, warm, concentrated; it supports the fire of the mind, the movement of thought.
Pure reason is a clear and cold light, truth beyond the radiation and beyond the currents of thought. Direct immediate knowledge penetrates into reality.
Spiritual will is stimulation, downward current from the One, Being shining as a diamond. It affirms the Whole, Presence.
Then the thinking radiating units develop the will the of the soul and the active units develop the personal will in the creation for the sake of all.


Being is a link between the obscure background and manifestation. It is a tension-to-be that provokes this uprising which will later unfold as at-tension : opening to the world. This tension-to-be comes from a will, an author who wants to institue this space of experiment.

One may schematize the infinitive verb to be as such:

to be in existence

One may distinguish

1) The author, That who wants, the will instituting space - then there is no duality. Thus a question, a value, a dimension of a space has no contrary, no opposition.

2) That what he wants, the purpose, the factors inscribed in the experiment, be they principles, laws or beings. Thus a question puts in play several factors, a value is inscribed in various perspectives.

3) The movement, the approach, the evolution. At that stage, appears duality between what is willed and the unavoidable constraints; the movement may go forward or backward. It is at this level that the spiritual will plays and the purpose gives birth to the plan of evolution. But what is planned is changed according to circumstances. This can be represented by a square: at the right side what fits to the goal, at the left side the unforeseen, the imponderable, the constraints.