The pistil and the foundation


The creative assertion is based on three dots and a circle, that is the sign of peace, designed by Nicholas Roerich.
The rule 12, in Rays and initiations, page 233, says that “the mark of a saviour” is a symbol projected specifically by the Christ.
Written in the years 1940, it says also that the outline of this symbol is yet dim and uncertain, that explains why it does not appear on the painting beneath.
Thus it is wise to ponder about the words of the Christ, reported in the book ILLUMINATION (Leaves of Morya's Garden, volume 2, §153).
This book has been published in 1925, this shows the patience of these great Beings, the magnitude of their vision and the slowness of the assimilation of these ideas by the human beings.

Words of the Christ

signes du Christ

During the night march the guide lost his way. After some seeking I found Christ seated upon a sand mound looking at the sands flooded by moonlight.
I said to Him, “We have lost the way. We must await the indication of the stars.”
"Rossul Morya, what is a way to Us, when the whole world is awaiting Us?”
Then, taking His bamboo staff, He traced a square around the impression of His foot, saying “Verily, by human feet.”
And making the impression of His palm, He surrounded it also with a square. “Verily, by human hands.”
Between the squares He drew the semblance of a pillar surmounted by an arc.
He said: “O, how Aum shall penetrate into the human consciousness!
Here I have drawn a pistil and above it an arc, and have set the foundation in four directions.
When by human feet and human hands the Temple will be built wherein will blossom the pistil laid by Me, then let the Builders pass by My Way.
Why should We await the way, when it is before Us?”
Then, rising, He effaced with His cane all that He had drawn.

What is this pistil?

And if the sign of peace was that pistil ? So let us see the simplicity of the three aspects sustained from the cosmic levels and grounding in the threefold monad or spark of life, then in the jewel or blackhole in the centre of of consciousness.
What is a pistil? The female organ of a flower. The sign of peace is a form provoking contact, energy inflow and plenitude.
Thus the sign of peace shows us a way of working, bringing along joy, force and victory.
Yet one has to use it!

Which are the 4 directions?

The foundation is laid down in four directions. Which are these four directions?
East where Light comes from, awakening.
West, gift, Love.
North, obscurity,Will.
South, blaze of manifestation, Beauty.

What are the 7 seed-words underlying the creative assertion?

It is said that this great formula is based on 7 word-forms [Externalization of the Hierarchy:489];
Which are the word-forms of the creative assertion? With the words related to the four directions, Light, Love, Will, Beauty,
come the feminine Origin : Space,
the destination : Transfigure
and the means : All.
Seven seed-words making the bedrock of this assertion; they enunciate the mode of action on the Way offering itself in front of us.

Feminine origin?

Space appears first as extensive, a support, a receptacle where are inscribed positions and interactions.
From this point of view, we observe the preexisting Nature;
from another point of view, we build the experiment with our attention, our availability, self-forgetfulness.
It is intensive space, when we create an instrument and introduce dimensions; thus the Breath creates the big Bang and space is inflating.
Reception and emission complete each other, both polarities - that may be called feminine and masculine - unite and give existence.