WILLING SELF or the will of the Self

The will is not only conscious will. It is the will of the entire Self.

The Tao shows the union of opposites : they are making the whole.

Thus a project is only a part of the action, it is the lighted part of a cycle of which the other part is aventure. In aventure one is searching without knowing where to go, one explores possibilities basing the action on a luggage.

Yin left, dark



based on a Luggage

Using the Intuition

Looking for ends


Yang right, lighted



based on a Vision

Using Rationality

Aiming at an economy of means

Day and night are completing one another as the dark side of the moon and its lighted side.


Conscious and unconscious are completing, as said Jung in the dialectics of the I and the unconscious.
Here is another representation.

carré soi

The Self is the centre of the psyche as the I is the centre of the field of consciousness.

This pattern applied to the will draws like this:

carré volonté

The official, conscious will is but a polarity of the will, other things express and reflect a dark will, which is usually not acknowledged.

The basic will is located at the centre, it supports the entire being. It is that will which takes a body, and it is not only the image which the consciousness gives to itself.

The In-Oneself points out to the being as it is, not as it sees itself nor as it wants to be; the in-oneself describes the deep nature, it is the nature of the form as it is emerging out of substance. It brings about what is present : Presence.

The For-Oneself points out to the being as it is projecting itself. This projection is both conscious and partly unconscious, it implements the will and therefore this implies some element of the future, that is not yet present. It is the being as it wants to be or would like to be, in simple words. It is the emergence of spirit.

The awareness work is first of all to discover who one is, as one is, this implies to assimilate a part of the unconscious; the various projections of self are first phantasma, illusions, then they become more realistic as one is perceving oneself more as one is.

Will and Presence are then completing in the being which is building itself


More about:

Michel Larroque, Volonté et involonté, L'Harmattan, 1994

Michel Larroque is dintinguishing

- rationality which deals with economy of means

- and reason which deals with ends or finalities.

Carl Gustav Jung, Dialectics of the I and of the Unconscious,