Will can be grasped under three aspects:

1. It is the factor of emergence in and out of manifestation. It is the “fiat lux“, the word or command which brings in existence, which makes to be.
2. It is the factor sustaining the oneness of a whole, that which ensures coherency of the parts and re-absorbs the essence of these various parts ; in this sense, it is synthesis.
3. It is the factor orienting action. It inspires or points out an open direction (without dealing with details).

Besides creative intelligence and love-wisdom there exists
Will, dynamically applied, emerges in manifestation as power
Alice Ann Bailey, Rays 1 :48

By what power wilt thou be affirmed?
Shall I speak of power when
All folly, all ignorance, all vanity, strives for power?
But I say and attest, Our power is different.
Our power is sacrifice

Leaves of Morya’s Garden, vol 1 (The Call) § 353

This sacrifice and power means accepting to limit oneself in order to achieve the task which appears necessary. This necessity links us to a greater Will or Logics than ours.
Not my will, but Thy will be done.“ Matthew 26:39

This implies our whole being in that direction, it implies to spend oneself and to give oneself for that purpose. This assumes the ability to discern the useful tasks, true need and to love enough the others in order to spend oneself thus.
But is there another way of living? Is not life giving one’s being, spending one’s existence, in order to give to the world in the line which seems essential to us, this gift being made in a right rhythm : receiving - giving - receiving …
We can offer it voluntarily or to be forced to do so; there remains to know why, for whom, and how ; creativeness, intelligence and inspiration are necessary for that gift of ourselves.