Extensive space

Space is usually considered as the place where our actions are inscribed, it is thus a pre existing frame. For some people, space is the abstraction of possible movements, and indeed it is the way it is grasped.

According to the theory of general relativity, space is not static; it is modified with masses and time. The light measures this space and its propagation is curved by the celestial bodies, the redshift of wavelengths shows the dilatation of space.
The universe is expanding and it is sustained by the initial radiation, which is called the Big Bang. Thus space and the breath – or Sound sustaining the expansion – are united. The secret Doctrine relates respectively to the second Logos and to the third Logos; this was symbolised by horizontal and vertical diameter in a circle or as the basis of a triangle.

Intensive space

We are obliged to admit that the Sound, - big Bang – or Sound is sustained by a tension. An initial act made irruption and, in a minuscule volume, was introduced a gigantic energy: this has instituted space and its breath. In analogy with the human being, we admit that this act results from a will implementing an intention. This uprising to being, this institution of space, this introduction of breath is the sign of the first Logos, called the Precursor. As the two other Logoï - principles or factors – it is one aspect of the an Author who remains unknown to us.

At our level

We too, we are instituting spaces, we are adding dimensions.
The best example is probably the arrival of a child in the family. We are making place for him (her) in a room or at the table (extensive space). It is also a new pole of exchange, a new dimension of interactions (intensive space).
When we are initiating a new activity, we are setting aside some time, attention and means (extensive space), yet we are also giving some value to another part of existence: this activity broadens our scope (intensive space). Thus we are replicating in a small measure the work of the Cosmos. A new question adds a dimension to our cognitive horizon, though we have not yet any answer. Taking into account a new variable means adding a dimension to the description of a phenomenon. In the body, one may also broaden the space of the chest, between vertebras, etc.

Selfless will

What matters to us here is to get a will play through us – a will giving existence. As we know the law of action and reaction – see the page Life/Rebounds of action – we are making sure that this action is selfless, in order to free ourselves, to broaden our scope and to insert ourselves in the world. A selfish creation would block us in a limited sphere, a more narrow bubble. Thus we can sustain the expansion of an action that is useful for others, in instituting its existence. In other words, we set up a space of experiment, open to others, open to elements of nature, open to conceptual factors. The page Life/Initiate evokes also this act and makes us take part in a vast and powerful current.


This will-to-be, playing first of all at our minuscule level, makes us join a will-to be that goes beyond us, encompassing us and founding our being. That’s what we will realise progressively. Thus we can – by thought in the beginning – get near the monad or spark of life, the One in all and therefore also in us.
Thus instituting a service activity, taking a selfless initiative or contributing to it broadens space and feeds the breath sustaining it. We are replicating in our measure – as in a fractal – the work of the Cosmos.


One may visualise the irruption of Being from the Ground

emerging Being

Or see the red circle as emergence of Being on the background of spirit, an opening enabling the inflow, the uprising of Force and of its blaze.

Cercle rouge

3 kinds of space

One may distinguish

1) The external space of displacements, related to Brahma the Creator, and in the body to the basin.

2) The inner space of the Penetrating One, related to Vishnou and to the thoracic cage, inclusive unity and perception. This space is symbolised by an indigo circle (see page Symbols/Circles)

3) The intense space of the Transcendent, where does exist difference but no distance neither quality. It is related to the cranial box, to tension and emergence. This space is symbolised by a red cercle.


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